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Coral Islands of the Rosary

The Rosario Islands (or Corales del Rosario) is a small archipelago formed by some 28 islands, 1 that is part of the island area of ​​Cartagena de Indias, 2 3 4 with a land area of ​​20 hectares (0.20 km²) located opposite to the shores of the Department of Bolívar, at the same latitude as the Barú peninsula. In them one of the national natural parks of Colombia is located, created to protect one of the most important coral reefs of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Take a fantastic day trip to the Rosario Islands about 40 minutes. Leave the busy beaches of the cargo by the white sands and the crystal clear waters. Snorkel or kayak, or just sit back and relax with a tropical drink Enjoy lunch included with traditional dishes such as fresh fish, coconut rice and fried bananas. Great option for families and children.

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